I feel great joy and inspiration, and I feel that now I am in a place that I truly belong in, working with my brides and with ladies and young girls, helping them feel the beauty inside them and helping them see the beauty outside them.




More than 20 years

 I'm a wedding stylist and I've been working in the beauty industry for over 20 years in Europe and Australia creating and designing beautiful stunning brides.

The Idea

I am here to support you every step of the way. Together we can create a special, unique image of your dreams that you can look back on and cherish forever.

My Mission

Each person’s fate is truly unique. Each have their own way and their own story. Let me help you bring out the best in yourself. See you soon.

I was born in Russia and now live in the truly beautiful city of Perth Western Australia, after meeting my husband and emigrating to this wonderful country. I am a professional hair stylist, makeup artist and teacher who has worked and trained all over Europe for the past 23 years. My first education was as a dentist, but after training and working in this area for a while I realized that this was not my true passion, as even when working in this field, I would sketch and design dresses for my colleagues, and twist and style their hair and do their makeup for them to go out after work.
At the request of my friends and colleagues, I started my own beauty studio part time at home while still working as a dentist and gradually built up my own business as I found I had a talent for this... so people told me and I really enjoyed it. I became famous in my home city to my surprise and my business became very popular so I quit my job as a dentist and followed my passion as a hairdresser and makeup artist full time. I then went to Moscow to get some formal qualifications as a stylist at the International Academy Dolores, so I could work in Europe namely Italy, a place that really inspires me to create beautiful brides and hairstyles. Here I received numerous diplomas for hair styling, and also branched out into makeup artistry.

More recently I have also trained under some master hair stylists like Georgy Kot to learn the latest styles and techniques so I could bring them to Australia and introduce them to this country. I return to Europe each year to further my professional skills so I can bring them to you, the brides of Australia so I can emphasize each person’s beauty and individuality.
Coming to a new country, thousands and thousands of kilometers from my home was a challenge for me as I missed my family and friends, had to learn a new language, no one new my name and I had no reputation as a stylist in this country. l had to start my business again from the beginning and I was not sure if Australia would accept these new styles and fashion. I am a determined person and I know that people are usually afraid of change ... but change is a constant and new growth, and despite all the difficulties, depression, fears, language problems, and sometimes spiritual loneliness, which I had to overcome in a new place ... Australia deeply penetrated into my heart.
It gave me new ideas and dreams with ambitious plans, and It was here that I finally realized my childhood dream, when all those pictures of my dolls that I drew while sitting at a school desk, with long beautiful hair, huge eyelashes and dresses began to come alive here in real life.
I feel great joy and inspiration, and I feel that now I am in a place that I truly belong in, working with my brides and with ladies and young girls, helping them feel the beauty inside them and helping them see the beauty outside them. Do not be afraid of change, feel free to take risks and embrace all those twists and turns that life offers you. You will be able to overcome everything, you will be able to overcome even your self doubts…… just go to the changes and be brave.


Diplomas & Certificates



It would be my greatest pleasure to help you make your dream wedding a reality. I look forward to meeting you!

"My and my mums hair looked absolutely breathtaking. You can truly see the art in her work. And even though it was a super windy day on my wedding day our hairstyles stayed stunning! I highly recommend Maria as her skills are one of a kind!"

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