The training is private, it means I work one on one with you and you recieve my personal attention.

The course is suitable for beginner stylists to advanced level haiedressers.

Students can take photos, videos and make notes during the training.

With the benefit of one on one training, the course pace and steps will be adjusted to your level of experience.

Each student receives a certificate of attendance.

BONUS: I'll teach you how to take professional photos and edit videos on phone - it will help you to show your work to the world and promote yourself on social networks.


You will learn two high level hair styles. You can choose the certain styles from my portfolio.

Each hair style will be demonstrated step by step on mannequin head.

After each demonstration, students will then be coached step by step to recreate the same design.

You will learn how to wave, curl, set, braid and create a variety of the current popular and modern bridal up styles.

Students will also learn all the secrets and tips on how to become professional bridal stylist.

Training hours: from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., including a lunch break. We offer snacks, tea, coffee and refreshments.

All materials and styling tools are provided.

This course runs for one day. You can book as many days as you needed. Please contact me first to confirm the dates.


Cost: $500

To book the training the non-refundable $200 deposit is required.

Please make a full payment four days before the training.




Please make a call +61416449882, or send me a message here: to book your private class.